Nuts and Bolts of the Course

How to Use the Course

Warm-Up Exercise

First, download, print and complete the Warm-Up Exercise in the next lecture. After completion, self-grade by comparing your answers to the key in the same section.


Don't forget to print out your copy of the Formula Sheet and Conversion chart in this section.This document contains all of the formulas and conversion you will need to answer math questions in the course.

Some tips as you work through the videos in the course.

You can move through the information in your own time, however, we recommend to move on from a topic only after you feel confident you have mastered the information. Sections are broken down into general areas like budgets or clinical, but each lecture within the section will review just one topic at a time. Watch the video as many times as it takes to drill down each topic.

  • Have a piece of paper, pencil and a basic calculator by your side for easy access.
  • Stop the video when prompted and work though the question even if you think you don't know where to start, just attempt the question to see how you go about setting up the problem.
  • You may know more than you think you know. It is either knowledge or confidence issue.
  • Math is a process. You need to be able to go back to look and see where you may have made a mistake in your calculations. So, make sure to write down every single step.
  • While you calculate a question on your own, and you don't approach the calculation in the same way we do, but arrive at the same answer, that is okay! It is always good to see a question answered in another way.

With that said, let's jump into the first item to complete, the Warm-Up Exercise. Hit the next lecture button on the top right of the screen to move forward.