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"I would recommend this course to anyone trying to pass the RD exam. I took the exam 3 times prior and got the same score of 21 each time. The fourth time after taking this course got me to the needed 25. I was able to talk through every question and decide on an answer. It was not like that the first three times. Lauren and Laura were great at making you think and use the knowledge you already know and learned in your internship/ undergrad."

- Lauren W, student

"I do believed the Sage Nutrition Review helped me pass my RD exam on the first try. I completed all the practice exams and studied all the answer explanations. I did also use Inman’s and RD Pocket-Prep. I think having multiple study guides helped me to be aware of different thought processes. Also the proctors for the review were very kind and provided one on one guidance and follow up. Overall a great service especially for the price. I would recommend to any one taking or re-taking the RD exam."

-Brittany B, student